Sirene Cheese


Officially called the "white brine sirene" Sirene is a type of brine cheese made in South-Eastern Europe, especially popular in Bulgaria, the Republic of Macedonia and other Balkan countries. It was originally made of goat's milk, but the predominant variation today is made of cow's milk, sheep milk or a combination of milks. It is slightly crumbly with a fat content of about 40-45%%. It is commonly produced in blocks, and has a slightly grainy texture. It is used as a table cheese, as well as in salads and in baking.


Other names: White Brine Sirene
Translations: Sirene Siers, SIRENE Sūriai, Sirene Brânză, Sirene sira, Sirene Kaas, Sirene पनीर, Sirene Queijo, Sirene сыра, Sirene Τυρί, سايرين الجبن, Sirene 치즈, Sirene Sýry, Sirene Keju, 海妖奶酪, Sirene Formatge, Sirene Sir, Sirene Syry, Sirene Formaggio, Sirene גבינה, Sirene-Ost, Сирене сир, Sireneのチーズ, Sirene fromage, Sirene Queso, Sirene сиру, Sirene Juusto, Sirene сирене



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