Brussels Cheese


Brussels Cheese, also known as Brusselse Kaas, is made from cow's milk and is considered a table cheese that is used for spreading and snacks. It is smooth with a sharp and citrusy flavor and strong, salty bite. The cheese is regularly washed and dried over a period of at least three months, and is shaped into rounds or tubs.


Other names: Brusselse Kaas
Translations: Briselē Siers, Briuselis Sūriai, Bruxelles Brânză, Bruxelles sira, Bruksela Cheese, Brussel Kaas, ब्रुसेल्स पनीर, Bruxelas Queijo, Брюссель сыра, Βρυξέλλες Τυρί, بروكسل الجبن, 브뤼셀 치즈, Brusel Sýry, Brussels Keju, 布鲁塞尔奶酪, Brussel Formatge, Bruselj Sir, Brusel Syry, Bruxelles Formaggio, בריסל גבינה, Bryssel Ost, Брисел сир, ブリュッセルチーズ, Bruxelles au fromage, Brüssel Cheese, Bruxelles Cheese, Brussel Cheese, Bruselas Queso, Брюссель сиру, Bryssel Juusto, Брюксел сирене



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