Broom is made from broom corn.The broom corns are the edible seeds that can be sprouted, cooked, popped, or ground into flour.Broom corn is a tall annual grass that looks like a corn plant, except that it forms fan-shaped seed heads instead of ears. The seeds mature in the autumn in shades of red, black, amber and brown. The birds love them.Broom corn has a multitude of uses. The strong stems can be used as stakes or made into wattle fences. The straw can be made into brooms. But more commonly, the colorful, mature seed heads are used in dried flower arrangements. Easy to grow in full sun.Broomcorn can be grown in practically every state. It will produce a fair quality of brush wherever the temperatures are high enough for com to grow well. Like other sorghums, it is relatively tolerant of heat, drought and poor culture. The best brush, however, is produced where the summers are warm and the soils are moist and fertile. Annual rainfall of 15 to 32 in. is adequate. Poor soils and extremely cool or dry weather result in inferior brush.Broom is a unique product that could be
included in the fall ornamental market. Stores
that specialize in decorative and craft items,
as well as farmers markets, may present other
marketing options. Small bundles tied in sprays
or shocks have been sold for use in the landscape
for attracting and feeding birds. These bundles
serve double duty as a decoration and a bird feeder.
Broom seed could also be incorporated in bird
seed mixes. As with any specialty product, it is
best to identify a market before planting the crop.


Translations: Slota, Šluota, Mătură, Metla, Cây chổi, Miotła, Bezem, झाड़ू, Vassoura, Веник, Σκούπα, مكنسة, 비, Koště, Sapu, Walis, 扫帚, Escombra, Metla, Ginestra, מטאטא, Метла, ほうき, Balai, Besen, Escoba, Віник, Luuta, Метла



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