Green Tomato


Unripe tomatoes, typically more firm in texture and sour in flavor than ripe tomatoes.


Other names: Green Tomatoes
Translations: Green Tomāti, Žalių pomidorų, Verde de tomate, Zelena Rajčica, Màu xanh lá cây cà chua, Groene Tomaat, हरे टमाटर, Зеленый Томатный, Πράσινη Ντομάτα, طماطم خضراء, 그린 토마토, Zelených rajčat, Tomat hijau, 绿番茄, Tomàquet Verd, Green Paradižnik, Zelených paradajok, Pomodoro verde, גרין עגבניות, Grön Tomat, Зелени парадајз, グリーントマト, Tomates vertes, Tomate Verde, Зелений Томатний, Vihreä Tomaatti, Зелената Домат

Physical Description

Green tomatoes are tomatoes which have not fully ripened. They look exactly like a red tomato (round, plump, often with green stalk at the top) except they are firmer.

Colors: green

Tasting Notes

Flavors: sweet, sour, sharp,
Mouthfeel: Firm, Crunchy, Liquid, Seedy
Food complements: Red tomatoes, Cheese, Cornbread, Corn on the cob, Jacket potato

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: june, july, august, september
Peak: july, august
Choosing: Green tomatoes are plump and firm. Look for ones with no holes, marks or bruises (soft spots).
Buying: Green Tomatoes are less easy to get hold of then red tomatoes. They are available during their peak months in most good stores but are also available on fruit stands and at farmers markets which is preferable because of freshness.
Procuring: Tomatoes are best grown in warm environments and are native to South America. Although this is the case they are grown all around the world but in the cooler climates have to be grown indoors or in green houses. They grow from tall green leafy plants and are easily visible on the plants due to their size.

Preparation and Use

Often they need to be skinned before use, to do this they must first be soaked in warm water for a minute or so and the skin will just peel off. Recipes often also call for the seeds to be remove. To do this slice the tomato in half and use a teaspoon to spoon out all of the seeds and the central section.

Cleaning: Run under water and gently rub.

Conserving and Storing

Can be stored in the fridge for a week or so but be careful if you want to use them green as if you do not store them cool they may start to ripen and turn green.


History: Tomatoes are believed to have come from South America and the Aztecs are believed to have used them. The explorer Cortes is though to have brought tomatoes over to Europe around 1521. Others believe that Christopher Columbus brought the tomatoes to Europe in around 1493.



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