Kecap Manis


A thick sweet and salty soy sauce that originated in Java, Indonesia. It has syrupy consistency and a pronounced sweet, treacle-like flavor due to the generous addition of palm sugar. It's used as a flavoring and condiment. Some believe that Kecap Manis was the original Ketchup, brought back to the West by Dutch colonists and then modified with the addition of tomatoes.


Other names: Kecap Manise, Indonesian Soy Sauce, Ketjap Manis
Translations: Kecap Μάνης, Kecap مانيس, Кецап Манис, ケチャップマニス, Kecap 유혹, Kecap Манис, Ketjap Manis, Kecap Манісі, Kecap马尼斯, Kecap manis, Kecap Pangolí



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