Broccoli Leaves


Broccoli Leaves are similar in appearance to Collard Greens, and are best used when young and tender as older leaves are tougher and bitter to taste.

They are great for use in stir fries, though they may take longer than other greens to cook. The stalks should be removed before cooking.


Other names:
Translations: Brokoļu lapas, Brokoliai lapai, Bông cải xanh lá, Brokuły Leaves, ब्रोकोली रवाना, Folhas de brócolis, Брокколи Листья, Μπρόκολο Φύλλα, القرنبيط يغادر, 브로콜리 잎, Brokolice Listy, Brokoli Daun, Brokuli dahon, 西兰花叶, Fulls de bròquil, Brokoli Listi, Brokolica Listy, Foglie di broccoli, ברוקולי עלים, Брокула Лишће, ブロッコリーの葉, Feuilles de brocoli, Brokkoli Leaves, Hojas de brócoli, Брокколі Листя, Parsakaali Jättää, Броколи листа



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