Alfalfa--while typically considered fodder for livestock, produces a bloom of tiny purple flowers. The bees that gather this nectar transform it into a very light, mild honey--one of the best varietals for baking or stirring into tea. The sprouts of the alfalfa plant can be added to salads or sandwiches (especially good with cream cheese and olives on multigrain bread).


Other names: Lucerne
Translations: Lucerna, Liucerna, Lucernă, Lucerka, Cây linh thảo, Lucerna, Luzerne, अल्फला, Alfafa, Люцерна, Αλφάλφα, فصة, 자주 개 자리, Vojtěška, Alpalpa, 紫花苜蓿, Alfals, Lucerna, Lucerna, Erba medica, אספסת, Луцерка, アルファルファ, Luzerne, Lucerne, Люцерна, Sinimailanen, Люцерна



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