Witloof Chicory


Witloof Chicory is a type of endive that differs greatly in appearance to the other types of endive. Witloof Chicory has narrow, lightly packed pointed heads resembling spearheads. They range in color from pale yellowish-green to white. The leaves are crisp with a waxy texture and pleasant bitter taste. This type of endive is often eaten alone, and can be very expensive.


Other names: Belgian Endive
Translations: Lapu cigoriņi, Salotinės trūkažolės, Cicoare witloof, Witloof radiča, Witloof rau diếp xoăn, Cykorii liściowej, Witlof, Witloof कासनी, Witloof, Witloof цикория, Ραδίκι, Witloof الهندباء, Witloof 치코리, Čekanku salátovou, Witloof chicory, Witloof tsikori, 比利时菊苣, Endívies, Radiča za siljenje, Čakanku, Cicoria Witloof, Witloof עולש, Witloofcikoria, Витлооф Цикорија, チコリ, Chicorée witloof, Chicorée, Cikorie, Witloof endivie, Endibias, Witloof цикорію, Salaattisikuri, Цикория-витлуф



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