Yellow Tomatoes


Yellow Tomatoes are low-acid tomatoes with a smooth round shape, thin skin, thick meat, and solid seed pockets. The juice is very thick. Yellow tomatoes are perfect for salads, and are especially beautiful when combined with the red variety.


Translations: Yellow Tomāti, LCD Pomidorai, Galben Tomate, Žuta rajčica, Cà chua màu vàng, Pomidory żółty, Gele tomaten, पीला टमाटर, Amarelo Tomates, Желтые помидоры, Κίτρινο Ντομάτες, الطماطم الأصفر, 노란 토마토, Žlutá rajčata, Жути парадајз, Yellow kamatis, 黄番茄, Groc Tomàquets, Rumene Paradižnik, Žltá paradajky, Giallo Pomodori, צהוב עגבניות, Gul Tomater, Kuning Tomat, イエロートマト, Jaune Tomate, Gelbe Tomaten, Gul Tomater, Gul Tomater, Amarillo Tomates, Жовті помідори, Keltainen Tomaatit, Жълти домати



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