Beef Top Round


Beef Top Round or Inside Round is suitable for a variety of cooking methods and is highly favored for roasts due to its size and relative tenderness. This fabricated cut from the primal beef round is usually very lean, and goes well in a variety of dishes.


Other names: Top Round Roast, Beef Inside Round
Translations: Liellopu Top kārta, Jautienos viršų raundo, Carne de vită de top rotund, Govedina Okrugli Vrh, Thịt bò Top Round, Beef Round Top, Beef Top ronde, बीफ शीर्ष दौर, Round Top Carne, Говядина Топ раунда, Βοείου κρέατος Top Γύρος, جولة لحوم البقر الأعلى, 쇠고기 상위 라운드, Hovězí Nejlepší kolo, Говеђи Врх коло, Baka Round Top, 牛肉顶圆, Carn de Cara, Goveje meso Top krog, Hovädzie Najlepšie kolo, Manzo Round Top, בקר למעלה עגול, Nötkött Top rundan, Top Round Beef, 牛肉トップラウンド, Ronde de boeuf Haut, Beef Top-Runde, Oksekød Top runde, Carne de Cara, Яловичина Топ раунду, Naudanliha alkuun kierros, Говеждо Топ кръг



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