Veal Cheeks


Cheek meat, in both mammals and fish, is often the prized piece as they are super tender and succulent. Veal cheeks are the softer, more subtle version of beef cheeks and are more tender and flavorful.


Translations: Teļa Vaigi, Veršienos Skruostai, Obraz mânzat, Teleći Obrazi, Veal Má, Cielęciny policzków, Kalfsvlees Wangen, वील गालों, Bovino Cheeks, Телятина Щеки, Μοσχαράκι Μάγουλα, لحم العجل خدود, 송아지 궁둥이, Telecí Líce, Телетина Образи, Karne ng usa Cheeks, 韦奇克斯, Vedella Galtes, Lica Telečja, Teľacie Líca, Guance di vitello, עגל לחיים, Kalvkött Cheeks, Daging sapi muda Cheeks, ビールチー, Joues de veau, Kalbsbäggli, Kalvekød Kinder, Kalv Kinn, Ternera Mejillas, Телятина Щоки, Veal Posket, Телешки бузи

Physical Description

Small medallions that are light in color.

Colors: Pale pink

Tasting Notes

Flavors: mild and delicate beef flavor
Mouthfeel: Tender
Food complements: Pasta, Risotto, Artichokes, Leeks, Mushrooms, Truffles, Parmigiano-reggiano
Wine complements: Chianti, Bordeaux, Chardonnay, Dry gewurtztraminer, Madeira
Beverage complements: Beer
Substitutes: Beef cheeks

Preparation and Use

Excellent braised.



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