Jalapeño Pepper


A hot green pepper from Mexico with medium level of spice and a waxy skin. It is green but turns red as it ripens. It is popular throughout Mexico and the United States, especially in the Southwest. Most of the spice is in the seeds and ribs that hold the seeds. If you remove these before eating, the pepper is actually quite mild.


Other names: Jalapeños, Jalapeno, Jalapeno Pepper, Jalapenos, Jalapeño Pepper, Jalapeño
Translations: Jalapeno pipari, Jalapeno pipirai, Jalapeno paprika, Ớt jalapeño Pepper, Papryka jalapeno, Jalapeno peper, Jalapeno काली मिर्च, Jalapeño Pimenta, Перец, فلفل حار فلفل, Jalapeño 페퍼, Jalapeño Pepř, Jalapeno Pepper, 贾拉佩诺辣椒, Xile Jalapeño, Jalapeňo Korenie, Jalapeño פפר, Јалапено бибер, ハラペニョ, Piment jalapeño, Jalapenopfeffer, Jalapeño, Chile Jalapeño, Перець, Jalapenoa Pepper, Jalapeño пипер

Physical Description

Jalapenos are green conical shape, like most chillis, but when they turns red, they are dried and smoked. It's new name is Chipotle
( chipocle) ; most of the time you will find it marinated and canned.

Colors: Green, Red.

Tasting Notes

Flavors: Hot, can be tame or hot 2,500-8,000 scoville units
Mouthfeel: Warm burn
Food complements: Mexican dishes, And nachos
Beverage complements: Mexican beers, Lagers
Substitutes: Serrano pepper, Thai chili pepper, Thai chili pepper

Preparation and Use

#KitchenTip: Coat hands with olive oil to prevent spicy jalapeno oils to adhering to your fingers when slicing and seeding peppers.



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