Enoki Mushrooms


Enoki Mushrooms are mushrooms that grow with flower like long stems and have a mild flavor.

They come in two, easily distinguishable varieties, Wild (dark brown in color) and Cultivated (white in color), though the cultivated variety is the type almost always found in stores.


Other names: nametake, enokidake, enokitake, yuki-motase, snow puff mushroom
Translations: Enoki Sēnes, Enoki Grybai, Enoki Ciuperci, Gljive Enoki, Nấm Enoki, Enoki Grzyby, Enoki Paddestoelen, Enoki मशरूम, Cogumelos Enoki, Грибы эноки, Enoki Μανιτάρια, Enoki الفطر, Enoki 버섯, Enoki, Еноки Печурке, Enoki mushrooms, 金菇, Bolets Enoki, Enoki Gobe, Enoki, Enoki Funghi, Enoki פטריות, Enoki Svampar, Jamur Enoki, エノキダケ, Les champignons Enoki, Enoki Pilze, Enoki Svampe, Enoki sopper, Setas Enoki, Гриби Енок, Enoki Sienet, Enoki гъби

Physical Description

Enoki mushrooms grow in clumps with long, slender stems and delicate looking caps.

Cultivated enoki are not exposed to light so their color is pale and white, their stems are long and slender. A cluster of cultivated enoki resemble a cluster of small white flowers.

Wild enoki are dark brown in color, with short stems and caps that are as wide as the stems are long.

Colors: white to dark brown depending on whether or not they're cultivated or wild.

Tasting Notes

Flavors: grape-like, unusual, sweet
Mouthfeel: Crisp, Firm, Delicate
Food complements: Fish

Selecting and Buying

Choosing: Choose mushrooms that are in good color and do not look slimy.
Buying: Enoki are available fresh or canned.
Procuring: Enoki mushrooms are grown in reusable polypropylene bottles, or on wood.
In the wild enoki look quite different from its cultivated form. Wild enoki are short stemmed with caps as wide as the stems are long.
Wild enoki can be found growing in clusters on deciduous logs, up to the snow line on.
Wild or cultivated enoki prefer cold temperatures.

Preparation and Use

Enoki mushrooms are used in soups, stirfrys, salads and other dishes.

Cleaning: Since most often Enoki mushrooms sold in markets are cultivated, they do not need to be washed before use. Simply cut off the base of the cluster.

Conserving and Storing

Fresh mushrooms can be kept in the refrigerator for up to one week.



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