Alma Fig


Alma is a new common fig variety released by the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station in 1974. It is a late season variety with very high fruit quality. The fruit skin is rather unattractive, however, the flesh has an excellent rich, sweet flavor.


Translations: Alma attēls, Alma pav, Alma sl, Alma hình, Alma Rys., अल्मा छवि, Алма рис, ألما الشكل, 알마 그림, Alma Obr, Alma Gambar, Alma Lar, 阿尔马图, Alma figura, Alma Sl, Alma Obr, אלמה איור, Алма Слика, アルマ図, Alma Abb., Alma figura, Алма рис, Alma Kuva, Алма Фиг



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