Bulmer's Norman Apple


Bulmer’s Norman Apples are about small apples, with yellowish-green skin and white flesh. They have a bittersweet, astringent taste. This bittersweet taste, produces a fast-fermenting medium cider.


Translations: Bulmer lui Norman Apple, Bulmer Norman's Apple, Bulmer của Apple Norman, Bulmer Norman's Apple, Bulmers Norman Apple, है Bulmer नोर्मन एप्पल, Apple Bulmer de Norman, Норман Балмер в Apple, Apple Norman Bulmer του, التفاح نورمان بولمر في, Bulmer의 노먼 애플, Bulmer je Norman Apple, Norman Apple's Bulmer, 布尔默诺曼苹果, Apple Bulmer Norman, Norman Bulmer's Apple, Bulmer je Norman Apple, Norman Bulmer's Apple, נורמן אפל Bulmer של, Bulmer Norman Apple, Булмер је Норман јабука, バルマーのノーマンアップル, Apple Norman Bulmer, Apple Bulmer Norman, Норман Балмер в Apple, Bulmer Norman Apple, Bulmer на Норман Apple



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