Bear Meat


Many people enjoy hunting bears and eating them. Their meat is dark and stringy, like a tough cut of beef.Bear meat must be cooked thoroughly as it can often be infected with trichinosis.


Other names: Bear
Translations: Lāču gaļa, Bear Carne, Meso Bear, Gấu Thịt, Mięso Bear, Bear Vlees, भालू मांस, Медвежатины, Bear Κρέας, تحمل لحوم, 곰 고기, Медвед Месо, 熊肉, Ós de Carn, Bear Meso, Bear Carne, בר בשר, Bear Kött, Bear Daging, ベアー肉, Viande d'ours, Bärenfleisch, Bear Kjøtt, Oso de Carne, Ведмежатини, Karhunlihaa, Престройте Месо

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Elk, Moose, Caribou, Buffalo, Beef



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