Basil Mint


An unusual form of mint with a distinct basil taste, which makes a good substitute for sweet basil during the cooler months. Use sparingly as the taste is significantly stronger than that of ordinary basil. Grows in moist, well drained soil in a sunny to partly shaded position. Best grown in a container as it is very vigorous. tip prune to maintain compact shape.


Translations: Vasilijus mėtų, Vasile mentă, Bosiljak Metvica, Bazylia Mint, Basil Munt, तुलसी टकसाल, Василий Минт, Βασιλικό νομισματοκοπείο, ريحان منت, 바질 민트, Basil mincovna, 罗勒薄荷, Basilio Casa de la Moneda, Basil mincovňa, Basilico Menta, בזיל מנטה, Босиљак нана, バジルミント, Basil Menthe, Basili Casa de la Moneda, Василь Мінт, Василий мента



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