Etrog Citron


A medium to large-sized bumpy yellow skinned citrus possessing a very acidic flavor. The skin is primarily used, and the fruit plays a role in the Jewish Feast of the Tabernacles also known as Sukkot, and celebrated in the fall.

The pulp can be eaten, but is quite sour, like a lemon. It looks like other citrus pulp. With a lot of squeezing, you can obtain a tablespoon or two of etrog juice from a single fruit. The juice is too sour to drink straight, but can be combined with sugar to make of etrog-ade. Most recipes focus on the skin, which has a very thick pith.


Other names: Etrog, Jewish Citrus
Translations: Etrogシトロン, Etrog الكباد, Етрог цитрон, Etrog limun, Etrog Thanh yên, אתרוג אתרוג, Etrog Citronen, Etrog 유자, Etrog sitron, Etrog नीबू, Етрог Цитрон, Etrog柚子, Этрог Цитрон

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Citron



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