Christina Soong-Kroeger

G’day. I’m Christina Soong-Kroeger.

For me, eating is one of life’s great pleasures. Food is so much more than fuel. It nourishes you in all senses of the word, lifting your spirits when you’re down, providing comfort when you are feeling fragile, and making those you cook for feel loved and well cared for.

I am an enthusiastic cook who usually makes it up as I go – baking is the exception – getting it right most of the time, and sometimes getting it extremely wrong. But that’s the joy of cooking for me – I’d rather free form and suffer the odd disaster than follow recipes religiously and have them turn out perfectly every time. What would be the fun in that?

About Me

Born in Adelaide, South Australia, I recently moved back here after 13 years away so that my kids could grow up with extended family around them. Besides Adelaide, I have lived and worked in Shanghai, Hong Kong, London, Leeds, and Melbourne. Each city holds a special place in my heart.

Currently a full-time on-the-go mum, I have extensive experience in management, marketing, fundraising and events for not for profits (mostly arts organisations), and writing, subbing and editing for various magazines and media.

My Family

My Chinese parents came to Adelaide in the 60s as students – my mother from Hong Kong and my father from Malaysia. So my brother and I grew up eating tuna mornay, BBQs and meat and three veg as often as fried noodles, stir fries and dim sum. Food was and is central to our family life.

My husband is originally from Germany and loves food as much as I do. He is an excellent cook – he is precise and methodical whereas I am off the cuff and spontaneous. You can always tell who has been cooking by the mess (or lack thereof) in the kitchen.

We have two gorgeous children, Ms 5 Year Old and Master Toddler. Both our children are picky eaters and Master Toddler has food intolerances so we try to avoid foods high in additives, preservatives and amines.

Feeding my family is both a joy and a daily challenge.