Sarah Choueiry

I am the creator of What can I say... i have two passions, working with children as a speech and language pathologist and my love of cooking. A wise friend of mine once told me, that those who are most successful in life are the ones that follow their passion. So here I am. :) I wanted to create a blog that will provide men and woman the opportunity to create a healthy, nutritional and easy meals with their children AND at the same time being their child's speech and language therapist at home. In today's society, life is busy and hectic, and for those of you whose children are receiving speech and language therapy, you know the importance of practicing language and speech at home. This gives you the opportunity to get food on the table, while providing your child that extra support. This not only benefits those with children who receive speech therapy BUT also provides all children the chance to use their creative side while strengthening and expanding their expressive and receptive language.