Robert Gatz

Growing up in a family where it was necessary for both my parents to work it soon became obvious that at times dinner was a challenge. In the early days of television my mom would watch a local show hosted by a Chef named Francois Pope. Chef Pope also wrote many cookbooks and my mom would buy them as soon as they were published. I watched his programs with my mom and would soon catch the culinary bug.

I would bug my mom to help her with dinner and it wasn’t too long after that she would give me the responsibility for preparing dinner. She would buy all the stuff needed for any of a myriad of recipes in Chef Pope’s books and tell me to follow the directions. When I came home from school there would be a note telling me the page and recipe she wanted prepared and off I would go. I would soon be adjusting these recipes to better suit the family tastes and not long after start preparing my own dishes.

Many years later I began hosting dinner parties for friends, volunteer at a local senior operation, cooking twice monthly dinners which eventually led to turning pro. Now with ten years professional experience under my belt and many recipes created I offer some of them for you, my readers, to enjoy.