Linda Roets

Hi! I have been writing a food blog for a while, and now contribute to the cookery articles for the South African print magazine "Caravan and Outdoor Life", as well as a column called "Camping Chat".

My husband and I are passionate about camping, and our hobby is cooking fantastic food on an open fire. My blog features recipes cooked while camping, or cooked in my kitchen at home, also articles I've written for the magazine, fiction that I've dabbled in writing, and general goings-on in my life in this corner of Africa, including travels in Kwazulunatal, the rest of South Africa and Lesotho. We have plans to travel to Swaziland, Mozambique, Botswana and Namibia, too.

We've also toured and camped in the UK, and plan to travel to Europe and Canada in coming years.

But most of all, I write about food, especially camp-fire food! Do come visit!