I Just Love My Apron

I'm not a chef, and I just love my apron! I'm very much enjoy making good meal to my friends and my lovely husband. As growing up in a family that mostly eats at home, my mom is a GREAT cook. I've learned a lot from her and did not realize it has been absorbed into my soul. You can find my food with variety of ingredients and a combination of Asian and non-Asian style, and a healthy heap of love. I hope you enjoy my blog and please try out the recipes. They are easy, simple, yet delicious!

I'm currently taking on my late twenties, trying to show the world, and my kitchen, what's what. I live in Seattle and yes! I love coffee in a rainy city. Is it really raining 8 months out off 12??!

I'm self-taught, mom-taught, TV-taught, and experience-taught

I'm working full time and cooking is one of my favorite hobbies. Actually, eating is my favorite hobby, I should say :-) I like to entertain friends and family. So, why not start making it myself? And I'm here!