Question: Advantages Of Camote Tops As Tea?

February 15, 2010


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Thursday, November 5, 2009
Natural Healthy Refreshments: PINK ICED TEA

Kids always look forward to refreshing treats especially during hot days. We know that nothing beats water in quenching thirst. But adding natural flavors to it make it healthier and more fun to drink, and might even encourage intake of more fluids. I will be sharing one natural and healthy refreshment I learned from a friend.

One afternoon, upon getting home from a sleepover in a friend?s house, my daughter excitedly told me about a new drink that her friend?s mom prepared for them. She said that it's called Pink Iced Tea and it was made from Sweet Potato or Camote tops and Calamansi, a kind of citrus fruit. My Fish Sinigang that is colored pink whenever I add Camote tops instead of Kangkong leaves came to mind. Sinigang is an Asian sour soup. The sourness of the soup reacts with the extracts from the Camote tops, thus turning the soup pink.

Pink Iced Tea (makes 4 glasses)

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hi there!
can you tell me the ingredients and the procedure?
this is for my research paperworks i did some experiments i dried the camote tops then powderized it then put it in a tea bag but it taste awful when i tried it in hot water i tried putting some sugar ginger and calamansi but still taste is not that great.

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Fresh picked camote leaves for making tea do not taste awful. I drink a cup each morning of camote 'fresh' leaf tea or alternate now with home dried leaf papaya tea with lemon grass added while boiling dried papaya leaves. No sugar or sweetners of any kind to either.

Sugar craze for sweet tasting drinks is a hazzard to anyones health. Anyways-- both teas are now recognized as cures for dengue fever---- cheers! sip away and life a healthy life!