Question: 200 Grams Equals To How Many Cream In Ml?

March 26, 2010


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I guess that depends on whether you are using heavy or light cream, and at what temperature. At 4.4 Deg C, Heavy cream is 1.008 kg/L, or 238.5 g/cup (Conversion factors used: 4.2268 cup/L, 1000 g/kg). So 100g Heavy Milk Cream would be 0.4193 cups. 100 g of Light Milk Cream would be .4140 cups.

Sugar - less accurate since it can pack differently depending on the size of the granules (assuming you are using granular sugar, not solid packed powedered, sucrose, or brown, they are all different).

Regular granulated sugar is ~849kg/cu.m. (Conversion factors: 1000L/cu.m., 4.2268 cup/L, 1000 g/kg). 250 gr white granulated sugar should be 1.25 cups.