Question: How long will the yogurt last in a freezer?

March 12, 2010
Frozen Yogurt Will Keep A Long Time In A Freezer, However It's Not Recommended That You Leave Any Kind Of Food In A Freezer For More Than Three Months


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Keeping foods in your pantry and freezer is often as simple as checking the expiration date on the package. For foods you've prepared yourself, it's not quite as clear cut.

How you package your foodstuffs can make a difference too. Items in a vacuum package are often good for up to double the times noted for plain zipper pouch-protected foods or plastic freezer containers. Whenever you see water crystals on frozen food, it's an indication that some drying has taken place.

Nutritional values begin to erode as soon as food is harvested and as the natural aging processes take place. If you maintain a pantry, rotate stock regularly to keep food values as high as possible. The following tables assume a refrigerator temperature of between 32?40�F and a freezer temperature of 0�F. Check your temperature using a good thermometer occasionally to make sure food isn't being compromised.

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