Gajar Ka Halwa (Carrot Halwa)


½ kg Carrot
1 Cup Sugar or as per taste
½ Cup Khoya/ Mawa, roughly crumbled
¼ Cup Water
2 Tbsp Ghee
2 - 3 Green Cardamom Pods, crushed
¼ Cup raisins
¼ Cup almonds, blanched and sliced


Wash, peel and grate carrots. While grating carrot use the bigger holes of the grater than the smaller ones to have long strands.
Transfer grated carrots to a clean kitchen towel and squeeze out all the excess water.
In a pressure cooker add grated carrots, water and sprinkle sugar on top do not mix. Put on the lid and once the whistle is about to come switch off the gas and release the pressure.
Now heat ghee in a heavy bottomed deep pan transfer the carrots to it keeping flame on low. Add dry fruits and preserve some for garnishing.
Mix in crushed cardamom pods and crumbled mawa. Keep on cooking the halwa on low flame stirring frequently for about 15 - 20 minutes.
Switch off the flame and before serving sprinkle remaining dry fruits and mawa.
This can be stored in airtight container in refrigerator for 1 - 2 weeks, simply reheat just before serving.


Some dishes never lose their glory nor they are ever out of trend, one such classic desert is Gajar Ka Halwa, winter specialty of Indian households though carrots are available all round the year but only during winters market is flooded with those juicy, sweet and long deep orange carrots. These winter carrots have all together different taste and texture than the regular small carrots; with a hint of natural sweetness these are perfect for Halwa.

Other Names:

Carrot Pudding


6 - 7 bowls


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