BBQ Chicken Wings


Make one full recipe portion of any sweet barbecue sauce, e.g. Sweet BBQ sauce, Bourbon BBQ sauce, or mix some olive oil, honey and mustard together.
Or a cup or more of your favorite branded BBQ sauce.
30 or more chicken wings.


1. Firsly, separate the wings with a sharp knife.
2. Then, put them in a suitably sized bowl and pour over the barbecue sauce. Mix everything round to thoroughly coat the wings.
3. Oil the rack of the grill so the wings don't stick. Then put on the wings skin side down and cook for 8 minutes or so. Turn them over and cook them for a further 5 minutes or so - until they are cooked through.
4. Baste them with more barbecue sauce and cook for another minute - turn them over and repeat this.
It's useful to have a helper to grill these - basting and turning over 30 or more wings could take longer than the cooking time! Better yet put them in hinged grill baskets - you can put them all in one or two of these and they can all be turned over at once, thus saving a lot of activity! Better still put them in one or more hinged grill baskets and turn them all over at once.


To make these BBQ chicken wings you need to start by making a sweet sticky barbecue sauce - or try a bourbon sauce. Or simply mix up some olive oil, honey and mustard. There is little meat on a chicken wing, but they are quick and very easy to make in large quantities - so they are best for kids parties - kids love 'em - or for adults they make a great appetizer. These are quick to make and should be ready within 30 minutes from starting preparation to being ready to eat.


enough for 8 to 10 kids


Tuesday, December 16, 2014 - 6:27am


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