Easy Guacamole Deviled Eggs


1 dozen hard boiled eggs
1 large (or 2-3 small) avocados
1 small lime
2 pinches chile powder
Salt to taste
Sriracha and cilantro for garnish, optional


Boil and eggs and set aside to cool completely. Once cooled, slice in half lengthways; remove and discard yolks. Rinse under cool water to remove traces of yolk and let drain on a clean paper towel.
In a small bowl, scoop out avocado and mash well with the back of a fork. Add the juice of the lime and the chile powder. Mix well. Season to taste with salt.
Using a small spoon, distribute guacamole even between the egg halves.
Optional: Add a small dollop of sriracha on top of each egg. Garnish with a leaf of cilantro and serve.


Wendy's picture

Hi, these look delicious. Would you happen know the calories per egg half? I have to eat healthier AND count calories. Thank you!

Sheri Wetherell's picture

Hi Wendy! One whole large egg white is about 17 calories, so 8.5 calories for the half of the white. Calculating the guacamole would depend on the type you use. If you use store-bought I would measure about 1 tablespoon then calculate accordingly. According to the UDSA Nutrient Data Laboratory, 1 tablespoons of avocado is only 2 calories. If you season that with just a bit of lemon juice and perhaps a dash of Tobasco you have a very low cal Guacamole Deviled Egg! I would say around 10-12 calories for just a half! Hope that helps :)


These guacamole deviled eggs are the perfect appetizer for any holiday or event. Make this quick and easy guacamole for your filling or use your own favorite recipe. In a crunch for time? Use premade guacamole.

Other Names:

Avocado Deviled Eggs


24 deviled egg halves


Tuesday, November 6, 2012 - 2:03pm


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