Nourishing Buddha Bowl


2 Medium Carrots
90g/3oz Chickpea , cooked
50g/1.7oz Buckwheat
30g/1oz Unsalted Butter
2 Medium Avocados
2 Spring Onions (Scallions)
1 Baby Romaine Lettuce
Drizzle of Lemon Juice (1/2 Lemon per 2 persons)
Drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 Teaspoon Sweet Paprika
½-1 Teaspoon Himalayan Salt to Taste


First cook the buckwheat according to the packet instructions (in general 1 part buckwheat to 2 parts water). This will take about 15 minutes and the buckwheat should absorb all the liquid. Season the water with ½ teaspoon salt.
Meanwhile: Rinse all the vegetables. Peel and slice carrots (use potato peeler to get thin ribbons). Cut the spring onions and lettuce. Cut avocado in half, remove its stone and take out the flesh using a spoon. Cut it into strips or dice.
In a frying pan, melt butter. Throw in drained chickpea and roast for about 3 minutes. Now add sweet paprika and mix it around until all the chickpeas are coated evenly. Roast for a further 2 minutes before turning off the heat.
Once the buckwheat is ready, check it for salt and add some more, if needed. Arrange all the ingredients in a bowl and serve warm with a lemon wedge and extra virgin olive oil or simple yogurt ketchup dressing.
To make the yogurt ketchup dressing mix together yogurt and ketchup.
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This nourishing Buddha bowl is a light and nutrient rich meal. It’s perfect for a quick lunch and the best thing is that it can also be made ahead!




Saturday, January 14, 2017 - 4:07am


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