Banana Bread Nice Cream


1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
2 tablespoons chopped walnuts


Peel bananas and cut into 4-5 pieces. Place in sealed container and freeze until solid.
Place banana chunks in food processor with scraped vanilla bean, cinnamon and walnuts.
Blend for 3-4 minutes, until mixture is the consistency of soft serve ice cream.
Top with an additional sprinkle of chopped walnuts if desired.




Oh, how I wish I had been the brains behind the simplistic brilliance of this recipe. So easy, so uncomplicated and so disgustingly healthy it cries out to be drenched in a thick calorie laden caramel sauce. Please do so if you feel so inclined. How I also wish that I had not suffered an unfortunate camera meltdown that left me with this one poorly composed, slightly blurry shot before it decided to kick the bucket. Some sort of lens error that left the lens sticking out and unable to retract. Good thing I had this delicious faux ice cream to ease the pain of my camera misfortune. For breakfast.

While cruising the blogosphere earlier this week, I ran across a post on Choosing Raw. For the record, I in no way eat raw or subscribe to the raw lifestyle, however I enjoy the purity within the concept of eating clean, raw food. I did have a brief flirtation with going vegetarian for about 10 days a few years back, but after all that roughage I fell victim to what some called a "meat indiscretion" and haven't looked back since. I try to eat healthy, fairly balanced meals for the most part, but I love the occasional sugar bomb just as much as the next gal. I have to tell you, if this is what eating raw includes, I might just think about it.

Simple. Unbelievably yummy. Refreshing beyond belief. I truly felt like I was indulging way more than I should be when eating this, but its so healthy its unreal. The mouthfeel is smooth and rich, similar to soft serve. For the record it doesn't hold up well to refreezing, as it refreezes into crystal form, altering its texture. It works equally well making this in a blender, which I did with the assistance of a glug of soy milk. In my continuing pursuit of making frozen treats without an ice cream maker, this one definately has taken top marks.


3.0 servings


Wednesday, December 23, 2009 - 9:37am


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