Sauerkraut Casserole


2 pounds pork sausage
1 sm. can or bag kraut drain some juice off
1 cup uncooked measure noodles, pressed down
3 tablespoons butter
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1 tablespoon brown sugar


Brown meat and pour off 1/2 fat. Cook noodles until tender.
Arrange in layers in 2 quart baking dish.
Drain off about 1/4 of sauerkraut juice and add 1/2 cup water to kraut. Mix soup and add. If mixture seems very thick, you may add 1/4 cup more water.
Top with buttered bread crumbs and bake slowly, 45 minutes at 325 degrees.




Sauerkraut is cabbage that has been fermented in salt. The word Sauerkraut means “sour cabbage” in German. Credit the Chinese for the creation of Sauerkraut more than 2,300 years ago. Originally it consisted of shredded cabbage that was pickled in wine. Workers building the Great Wall of China were among the first to enjoy it. Around the end of the 16th century, salt was used in place of wine in the fermentation process. It produced a better product, and it’s a recipe that’s still followed today.
Eating Sauerkraut has many health benefits. A one cup serving of Sauerkraut has:

Just 32 calories
No fat or cholesterol
4 grams of fiber
35% DV vitamin C
102% DV vitamin K
12% DV Iron
Plus vitamin B6, folate, calcium, potassium, and copper

Source: NutritionData


8.0 servings


Monday, November 30, 2009 - 2:30pm



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