Technique: Muffin Method


A mixing technique for making muffins, pancakes, waffles, and many quick breads.

Guidelines for mixing using the muffin method:
1. Sift together dry ingredients
2. Combine all liquid ingredients
3. Combine the liquid and dry ingredients and mix until just combined. It's okay if it looks lumpy
4. Bake immediately


Translations: Mafins metode, Keksas metodas, Metoda brioşă, Muffin Metoda, Phương pháp Muffin, Metoda Muffin, Muffin Methode, ओलाद्या विधि, Muffin Método, Метод Маффин, Muffin Μέθοδος, طريقة الكعك, 머핀 방법, Muffin metoda, Колач метода, Keik Paraan, 松饼方法, Mètode Muffin, Kolačke metoda, Muffin metóda, Metodo di Muffin, מאפין שיטה, Muffin Metod, Metode muffin, マフィン方法, Muffin Méthode, Muffin-Methode, Muffin Metode, Muffin Metode, Método Muffin, Метод маффінів, Muffini menetelmä, Невероятен Начин



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