Technique: Frenching Meat


In butchery, Frenching is the process of removing all fat, meat, and connective tissue from rib bones on a rack roast. It is commonly used on rack of lamb, beef crown roast, or pork rib roast. This is accomplished by cutting between the bones down to the main roast and scraping the bones, with a sharp paring knife. This method is used mostly for presentation purposes, but it also makes carving easier.To remove the thin membrane that remains on the rib bones, use a slightly damp towel to grip onto the bone and slide the membrane downward. Removing this thin membrane will also improve the look of the ribs.


Other names: Frenched
Translations: Frenching Gaļa, Frenching Mėsa, Frenching Carne, Meso Frenching, Thịt Frenching, Frenching Mięso, Frenching Vlees, Frenching मांस, Frenching Carne, Зачистки мяса, Frenching Κρέας, Frenching اللحوم, 프렌치 고기, Френцхинг Месо, Frenching肉, Frenching Carn, Frenching Meso, Frenching Carne, Frenching בשר, Frenching Kött, Daging-Prancis, Frenching肉, Frenching viande, Frenching Kød, Frenching Kjøtt, Frenching Carne, Зачистки м'яса, Frenching Liha, Frenching месо



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