Technique: En Papillote


Cooking En Papillote is baking food, usually fish or vegetables, wrapped in an envelope made of parchment paper. "En papillote" literally translates to "in parchment." The food within the envelope self-steams as it cooks, creating a moist, tender dish.


Other names: Al Cartoccio, Food Wrap, Baking En Papillote, Cooking En Papillote, Cooking In Parchment, Baked En Papillote, Baking In Leaves, Baking In Foil
Translations: 包み焼きにした, أون Papillote, En papilotě, En papillote, 1963 Papillote, En papilotě, Cartoccio, Pl Papillote, En papillote, एन Papillote, עין Papillote, En papillote, 恩Papillote, Ен Папиллоте, En papillota



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