Technique: Sous Vide


A cooking technique that involves placing food in vacuum sealed bags and setting them in a low temperature water bath for an extended amount of time.

Sous vide cooking prevents moisture loss and retains nutrient and delicate flavors of foods. It is also thought to improve the texture. Types of food that benefit from this method of cooking include meat, fish and poultry.

The development of sous vide have greatly enhanced the ability to feed a large number of people at the same time because sous vide machines can be programmed to have the perfect doneness at a desired time.


Other names: Sous Vide Cooking
Translations: スーヴィデ, سو إنظر, 수 Vide, Sous vide, सूस ख़बरदार, 苏斯维代, Соус такође



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If you're not quite ready to shell out $1000+ for a professional immersion circulator, you can follow my instructions to build your own for about $75 at

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Well their is another option which is to get a swid, the first immersion circulator dedicated to sous vide!