Technique: Steaming


Cooking food by putting it in direct contact with steam. This method helps to food retain its flavor and nutritional value as opposed to boiling.


Other names: Steam, Steamed
Translations: Tvaicējot, Virimas garuose, Aburire, Kuhanje na pari, Hấp, Parze, Stomen, गुस्से में, Cozinhar, Ατμό, تبخير, 김이, Ve vodě, Кувања, 蒸, Coure al vapor, Paro, Vo vode, Vaporizzazione, להבל, Ångande, Mengukus, 蒸し, Fumant, Dämpfen, Dampning, Dampende, Cocer al vapor, Höyrytys, Готвенето на пара



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