Technique: Sharpening


Sharpening is done with knives and other tools with blades that can become dull after constant use. The knife or blade is stroked against a hard abrasive surface such as a diamond stone, whetstone or water stone. The abrasive action grinds away material to reveal a sharp, refined edge.


Other names: Sharpen, Sharpened
Translations: Asināšanai, Galandimo, Ascuţire, Oštrenje, Mài, Ostrzenie, Verscherping, Oppskarping, Заточка, Ακόνισμα, شحذ, 갈고, Ostření, Оштрење, Hasa, 锐化, Esmolat, Ostrenje, Ostrenie, Affilatura, השחזה, Slipning, Mengasah, シャープ, Affûtage, Schärfung, Slibning, Afilado, Заточення, Teroitus, Заточване



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