Tool: Cabernet Tumbler


A type of glass with a large bowl perfect for highlighting the fruit, acidity, and bouquet of Cabernet or Merlot wines.


Other names: Merlot Tumbler
Translations: Cabernet masažuoklis, Cabernet Tumbleri, Cabernet con lật đật, Cabernet गिलास, Copo Cabernet, Каберне Tumbler, Cabernet ποτήρι, كابيرنيت البهلوان, 카베르네 넘어지는 사람, Cabernet Tumblere, Cabernet baso, 卡贝不倒翁, Cabernet Vaso, Cabernet Prebacivač, Cabernet tumbler, Cabernet Bicchiere, כוס קברנה, Цабернет Тумблер, カベルネタンブラー, Tumbler Cabernet, Cabernet Vas, Каберне Tumbler, Cabernet Juomalasi, Каберне Чаша



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