Tool: Bamboo Steamer


The Bamboo Steamer is a very useful kitchen tool that has been used for centuries in Asian Cooking. It is a multi-layer container that allows different types of foods to be cooked at the same time. Each layer has an open weave bottom which allows steam to pass through and cook the food.

It is usually placed over boiling water in a wok. Then some form of liner material like parchment paper is used to line the steamer before placing the food inside. Materials such as banana leaves and corn husks can also be used to impart additional flavor to the food.


Other names: Asian Bamboo Steamer
Translations: Μπαμπού Steamer, Bambuko Steamer, الخيزران سلق, 竹汽船, Bamboo parobrod, Bambus statek parowy, Bamboe Steamer, 대나무 기선, Bamboo bapor, बांस स्टीमर, 蒸笼, Бамбус пароброд, Бамбукови параход



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