Tool: Slow Cooker


Slow cookers are a group of electric appliances, usually made of two parts:

Ceramic or crockery cooking pot
Electric heating element

Sometimes the two are permanently connected, sometimes the pot is removable. Slow cookers often have different heat settings, such as low, medium, high, and automatic.

They are used for several different tasks. A common use is to keep food or hot drinks (such as mulled apple cider) warm for serving. They are also great for cooking foods at relatively low temperatures over a very long period. Great for beans, stews, and pot roasts.


Other names: Crock Pot
Translations: Lēni plīts, Sporo Štednjak, Bếp chậm, धीमी कुकर, Медленный плита, Αργή Κουζίνα, طباخ بطيء, 슬로우 쿠커, Pomalé Sporák, Mabagal kusinilya, 慢炖锅, Olla lenta, Slow kuhalnik, Pomalé Sporák, Slow Fornello, בישול איטי, Långsam Spis, Споро Штедњак, スロークッカー, Mijoteuse, Olla lenta, Повільний плита, Hidas Liesi, Бавно Печка



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