Tool: Salad Spinner


A device that uses centrifugal force to dry salad greens after washing with water. This method prevents the bruising or damaging the leaves of greens that can happen when drying with paper towels or a dish cloth.


Translations: Salātu Spinner, Salotos spinner, Salata Spinner, Salata Spinner, Sałatka Spinner, सलाद स्पिनर, Салат паук, Σαλάτα Spinner, سلطة سبينر, 샐러드 스피너, Salát Spinner, Salad manunulid, 沙拉旋转, Amanida Spinner, Solata Spinner, Šalát Spinner, סלט Spinner, Sallad Spinner, Салата Спиннер, サラダスピナー, Essoreuse à salade, Salatschleuder, Salat Spinner, Ensalada Spinner, Салат павук, Salaattilinko, Салата фабрика



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