Tool: Bento Box


A small box traditionally used in Japan for packed meals (known as o-bento), though gaining popularity in the West as well. Traditionally filled with cold rice or noodles, meat and sides, bento boxes can be filled with almost anything. The boxes are made of a variety of materials, from lacquered wood to colorful plastic. O-bento is an art form and creative outlet, with practitioners shaping the food into cute designs.


Translations: 弁当, بينتو مربع, Bento box, 벤토 박스, Bento box, Hộp Bento, Kotak Bento, Bento बॉक्स, 便当盒, Бенто Бокс, Bento Клетка


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Sheri Wetherell's picture

where do i get those cute food cutters?

m's picture

Christine, try and search for veggie cutters or mini cookie cutters.

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