Tool: Angled Spatula


A flexible, angled spatula that allows greater comfort, more control and less hand-fatigue with the help of the contoured handle with finger pad. The flexible stainless steel blade is the perfect thickness for gliding over icing.


Translations: Leņķveida Lāpstiņa, Kampiniai Mentelė, Unghi spatulă, Kutni Lopatica, Góc cạnh thìa, Łopatka kątowa, Haakse Spatula, Angled रंग, Угловой шпатель, Γωνιακή Σπάτουλα, الزاوية أداة البسط, 각도 주걱, Lomené Stěrka, Siku Spatula, 转角蜥, Espàtula en angle, Kotna lopatico, Lomené Stierka, Angolata Spatola, זווית מרית, Vinklad Spatula, Англед спатула, 斜めへら, Spatule coudée, Angled Spatel, Vinklet Spatel, Vinklet Spatula, Espátula en ángulo, Кутовий шпатель, Kulma Lasta, Ъглова Лопатка



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Jenny Richards's picture

I think this is also called an offset palette knife.