April 7, 2009

I'm a bean kinda girl. Refried, stewed, pork and beans, I love 'em all. I had feijoada the other night, and I will shamefully admit it was only the second time I've eaten this bean-filled dish. I don't know why I've left feijoada out of my bean repertoire for all this time, but no longer! Feijoada is considered the national dish of Brazil, but it's also enjoyed in Portugal. It's a delicious and hearty stew of black beans, beef and various salted pork pieces, such as sausages, bacon and trimmings. It's typically served in a clay pot along with rice, collard greens, cassava and sliced oranges, to name a few. The feijoada I had was filled with flavorful chunks of beef and pork and two types of delicious pork sausage. It was served with rice and perfectly sauteed collard greens. If you're up for a taste of Brazil, whip up some feijoada and wash it down with a sweet caipirinha!


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No recipe?

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Hi! If you click the Feijoada widget below the blog post it'll take you to the recipe page on Foodista :)