How Many Calories Can You Afford for Lunch?

March 17, 2011

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Typically, going out for fast food is good for your wallet, bad for your waist line. But, what if you could get a fast-food meal that was also calorie-conscious?

Well, that's exactly what Stephanie Park, one of the contestants in NBC's new show "America's Next Great Restaurant," has in mind.

She aims to have a fixed-calorie fast food joint where customers can order a meal based on the number of calories they want to consume. So, instead of the customer contemplating the cost of their meal, the idea is that they are thinking more about their calorie intake and practicing portion control.

Takes the work out of thinking about your waist-line...Doesn't it?! "I'm craving a 359-wrap today" or "Should I splurge and get the 415-cal burger?"

It's unclear whether she's going to take into account fat, sugar, protein, vitamins, fiber, etc., but for those that are weight watching, the calorie count is just one of many considerations they will need to take into account.

What do you think of this "Next Great Restaurant" idea?

How many calories can you afford for lunch?

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That's a pretty cool idea. To that end, we noticed how many calories people consume when they get their favorite sugary, syrupy, chocolately drink from the big coffee houses. That's why we created this coffee calorie calculator:

It shows just how many calories are in the popular drinks at Sbux, McD's, DD's, and Caribou.


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It is definitely an interesting concept.