Tumblr Tuesday: 5 Odd Artsy Food Blogs to Follow

May 24, 2011

Happy Tumblr Tuesday! If you missed our inaugural post on weird food Tumblr blogs or want to learn more about Tumblr Tuesday, catch up here. This week, we're focusing on odd artsy food blogs to follow on Tumblr. Did we miss one of your favorites? Chime in by scrolling down to our comments section -- your nominations could appear in next Tuesday's post.

1. Lunch Bag Art: Lunch Bag Art is a tumblelog created by an artistic father who doodles creative illustrations on his kids' brown lunch bags during his own lunch break. Each day, the kids get a brand-new illustration.

Lunch Bag Art

2. Bread People: Bread People specializes in "celebreadies," or photos of famous faces digitally altered to include a variety of cheese and a punny name. Prior celebreadies include Crust Crustofferson, Jenniphyllopez and James Earl Scones.

Bread People

3. Pop Culture Cooking: Pop Culture Cooking catalogs the intermingling of food and popular culture over the past several decades, from paparazzi shots of celebrities dining out to depictions of food in animated TV shows and movies.

Pop Culture Cooking

4. French Cuisse: French Cuisse is the Tumblr food blog of 18-year-old William Matthew Valle, a culinary school graduate who captures his mise en place in a deconstructed, minimalist still life next to the completed dish. Although this food tumblelog isn't as bizarre as, say, Bread People, Valle's clinical focus on the cooking process separates it from other food blogs that just serve straight-up "food porn."

French Cuisse

5. Album Tacos: Album Tacos is run by Steve and Aaron of The Hood Internet. This odd artsy food blog's specialty is album covers that have been digitally retouched to include tacos. It features user-submitted album covers and in-house creations.

Album Tacos



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Loving the Bread People site - hilarious!