How to Make an Allergy Free Boston Cream Pie

July 8, 2011

I’m baking up a special dessert that one would never imagine could be made Allergy-Free: Boston Cream Pie! That’s right, allergy free, gluten free, vegan Boston Cream Pie!

I’m from Boston, where this dreamy creation is our favorite traditional dessert. Boston Cream Pie is actually a cake; two layers of tasty yellow cake, filled with a fluffy pastry cream, and topped with a luscious chocolate glaze. But it’s usually heavily dependant on such top allergens as wheat, dairy, eggs, and sometimes soy. So as a tribute to all of us out there living with food allergies, I’ve come up with a version of this special treat that is free of all top allergens. Bake it and celebrate how delicious allergen-free can be!

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