Crazy Reporter Goes Bananas

September 24, 2011

Perhaps you don't remember DC's NBC4 reporter Pat Collins from his crazy interview when a Virginia Walmart was robbed of milk, but he seems to pull stunts in his report quite often. (Personal note: I've grown up watching Pat Collins and he always tries to get cute with his reports. Some say he's been at this too long and should retire). Well, the latest inspiration for his antics comes from Virginia where a 14-year-old student got suspended for dressing up in a banana suit and running around the field during halftime of his school's football game. Update: Apparently, the student's suspension has been suspended. 

Perhaps as a sign of solidarity (?), Collins dressed up in a grape suit and interviewed the young man about the incident. 

He closes his bizarre report this way, "It all starts with a banana. Then all of a sudden you have an apple and an orange and maybe a grape. Before you know it, you have fruit salad at the schools."