Quick and Easy Gluten Free Queso Blanco Recipes

October 5, 2011

Queso Blanco is possibly one of the most addicting foods for those of us with a "salt" tooth -- and it's naturally gluten free, too! A simple combination of cheese, spices and milk to thin things out, queso blanco is perfect as a simple dip, burrito addition, nacho sauce, filling for jalapeno poppers -- the possibilites are endless! Ready in minutes, this salty-spicy condiment is a must-have recipe for your repertoire: it's a huge hit with kids, teens and adults and the perfect recipe to for last minute entertaining! Here are three of my favorite version of this classic sauce, each a little bit different, and all naturally gluten free!

Restaurant Style Queso Blanco
With fresh tomatoes and a mouth-watering blend of cheese, this gourmet version is simple and elegant.

Queso Blanco Step-by-Step
This awesome photo tutorial makes last minute entertaining a breeze!

Quick & Easy Queso Blanco

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